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The characteristics of flannel, cotton velveteen.


        A cotton flannel is comfortable, but flannel generally have two kinds of 150D/288F and 150D/144F, cotton velveteen is generally 200D, the biggest difference is the ratio of cotton velveteen flannel wool length, high weight, feel more soft. Cotton velveteen is generally called wool flannel.。

   Flannel: because the fiber density is high, a coral cover, good, like a living coral like soft body, colorful, it is called a flannel. It is a new type of fabric. Because of its fine size and small flexural modulus, the fabric has excellent softness.

  Fabric features: exquisite texture, soft feel, no hair, no pilling. No fading. Good water absorption, cotton products are three times. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is a new substitute for Cotton Bathrobe that has just appeared in foreign countries.。

  Washing instructions: cold washing, non barrel washing machine, please put laundry bag. Dark, first cold water wash, light color, no matter, machine washable.

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